A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

A simple puzzle game for the Fantasy Console Game Jam 4

arrow keys to move cursor around the board. D-Pad if using a controller.

A to select tile to eat.

X, Y, Z, or B for super powers when charged. For controller, X and Z are the same (Sorry :( )

Q or Left Bumper for bomb

W or Right Bumper to activate swap, then again to swap selected tiles.

Space or Select to open achievements page. Again to go back to the game. (Also good for pause)

Make large collections to fill the stomach meter! (grid based columns and rows, NOT diagonal) 

If the hunger meter is empty, you will starve and eventually, naturally, die.

Each time your hunger meter is full, you gain a life and a new level of difficulty (Peeks before level 10). 

The bar on the right will give you a hint as to how many moves remain on the board. If there are no more moves, and you don't have a power to get out (either an item or a Feast) you lose a life and the board resets.

Feasts are when you fill a jar on the left. Each feast will clear a food type. Either Drinks, Veggies, Fruits or Meats. (there are 2 of each). 

To reset the high score, go into Programs/FoodChain and edit the save.properties file setting high_score to 0.

:) Please enjoy!


FoodChain-FCGJ4.zip 123 MB
FoodChain.zip 25 MB

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