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Dash of the dead

Tor heard of a vast treasure deep within a seemingly abandoned castle. Being not too bright and really curious to "get rich quick" to pay off crippling student debt (or feed his coffee addiction) Tor heads out to explore the castle.

Little did Tor, nor anyone for that matter, know that the castle belonged to an ancient vampire. This vampire has a vast army of different ghoulish monsters protecting his treasure. But Tor needs to buy coffee.

Dash, jump and run through the dungeon collecting as much treasure as you can!

Use your collected coins to purchase upgrades to make your next run start off stronger, or head to the tailor to check out the vanity wearables!

Install instructions

POP is a custom file type for the Pokitto hardware.

The BIN can be downloaded and played on the emulator or also on the Pokitto hardware.

https://github.com/Torbuntu/JavaDashOfTheDead  << Source code for those interested.


DashOfTheDead.bin (Post Jam) 165 kB
JavaDashOfTheDead.pop 402 kB

Development log

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