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Pokitto Java of the Dead Gamejam entry

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You're a farmer caught in the middle of a world breaking apart.

Coffee plants have evolved to contain a super caffeine which is highly addictive, and withdrawal symptoms include death, and turning victims into undead zombies.

Defend your crops of coffee plants as you breed out the evil strain to produce a fruit pure enough for the cure!

Plant crops with the planter tool.
Harvest the crops when they bloom white to gain the fruits. Normal mode 25 fruits to craft the cure, Hard mode requires 50. 

Defend the crops using different weapons. Starting with the shovel.

Install instructions

The standalone Bin and POP files are for running on the Pokitto hardware itself.

The ZIP folder contains a Pokitto Emulator and script to run on Linux.


AwakenJavaofthedeadjam.bin 202 kB
Awaken.zip 291 kB
AwakenJavaofthedeadjam.pop 212 kB

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